Lone Star Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the health and well-being of the boxer breed. LSBR is run and managed 100% by volunteers since 1999. Our main objective is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home boxers that come to us from many sources including local animal shelters, owner surrenders, and strays. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to allow us to save more dogs in need. 

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Lady (formerly Petra)

On the other hand, it seems like Lady (formerly Petra) has always been part of our family. She is such a sweetheart. We bonded within the first few days; she follows me everywhere. I rush home from work every day because I know Lady is waiting for me:) We were warned that Lady needed to be an only dog (which she is) because she doesn't like being around other dogs. Even though she doesn't play well with other dogs, she has been great with our grandkids (ages 8, 2, and 1). She's extremely patient with the kids and is very protective of them. And she loves riding in the car, which works out well since we travel frequently. I'm so thankful to Lone Star Boxer Rescue for matching me with the perfect companion. I call Lady my therapy dog--she's loving and patient and always makes me smile. Here's a picture of Lady in her usual spot next to me on our couch.


LSBR, It has been about 60 days since Izzy and Kona (formerly Deacon) joined our family. They have settled in nicely to our routine and have cemented their friendship. Since they didn't know each other prior to joining us, it is wonderful for us to see them play together, snooze together, and drink from the same water bowl at the same time (even though we have two). Kona makes us laugh because he is such a tough-looking dog, so regal and muscled....but he is just a big lap-dog that wants hugs and kisses and likes to snuggle. Izzy is a delicate gazelle-like boxer that leaps waist-high when you ask her if she wants to go on a W-A-L-K. She is wickedly smart, independent and scrappy, and yet when I am home, she is "velcro-ed' to me wherever I go. They love to play tug-of-war with each other, or wrestle. And they love playing games with us, like hide-and-seek. A memorable moment for us was when we were all together in the living room, and Kona was laying on the carpet and then slowing started to rollover, wiggling on his back from side to side, laughing and smiling, looking at us, and waving his feet in the air...and then he let out a very big SIGH. As if he said "THIS is the life i dreamed of...i am finally home..." It made our hearts just melt, we were so happy to see that he was happy. We want to let other potential adopting families know that adopting a rescue is WONDERFUL. Those who have adopted know the subtle feeling that your rescue seems so grateful, so happy. They know the difference between "before" and "now" and appreciate little things that other pets take for granted, like having your own bed, and fresh water. Please give your rescue a few weeks to settle into your routine and their new life. A pup of any age needs time to adapt to your schedule and learn what is acceptable, and if a few "mistakes" happen please just firmly but kindly let them know right from wrong & redirect to the acceptable option, but don't give up on them. They can't follow rules they don't know about, and they really want to please and make you happy - they want to be home with their new family forever! BTW, we found the update on Lennox on the LSBR Facebook page, and were thrilled to see how happy Lennox is with his new forever family. Lennox and Kona were BFFs throughout puppyhood and made it through some hard times together. It is wonderful to know that both are now happy and well-loved, thanks to the dedication of the volunteers at LSBR and the willingness of families to adopt rescues. Thank you again to everyone for making room for Kona and Izzy, and for spending your time and sharing your love with them to start them on the path to a better life. Christine and Micheal McWilliams


Hello! Well, we've had Rocky for a couple of months now and he seems to really have settled in. He loves his canine sister, Molly, and his human brother and sister, Ty and Kailyn. He is slowly picking up on commands...knows how to 'sit, lay, and shake'. We are still working on 'stay' :) He still likes to sleep in his crate at night, but during the day if he's not outside with Molly, he roams the house freely. He has also gained our trust that we are able to leave him roaming freely in the house with Molly while we are gone running errands or such during the day. He is also becoming more social. He interacts with us alot more and does have his alone time, but wants to be with us more. He is very alert and will let us know if someone comes to the door or pulls in the driveway. One interesting thing we have found out is that he can sniff out and find goffer/mole holes. He has dug several holes in which he has exposed the goffer tunnel and has his head down to the hole as if he is 'waiting' :) He has put on a little weight, but still healthy. He is very sweet, affectionate, and definitely has lots of personality. Thanks again LSBR for allowing these babies to have a chance, Robin for all your help and numerous calls from me, and his previous foster Evelyn for allowing us to take him and make him a part of our family.


I adopted Riesey (formerly Cali) about a month ago. She's the beautiful Boxer mix in the photos. She is the most loving 60 pound Lap-dog. She's high energy and we walk and play a lot (She receives tons of compliments on her beauty). She also has her calm and super affectionate moments when she pins me down and licks my face. Or we just hang out in my bedroom listening to music. She likes Jason Mraz best. I wake in the morning to hot breath on my face as she has sneaked up onto my pillow to make herself comfortable. In her own way, she tells me every day that she's happy in her forever home. This couldn't have been accomplished without the tremendous help from Diane (foster mom) and Jill (home inspector/interviewer). Their hard work and dedication to LSBR and their love for the dogs shines through with every word they utter. They definitely bond with the rescue dogs and understand that finding them a quality forever home is the ultimate goal. I wish I had their strength. Thank you Diane and Jill for approving our home for Riesey. I could never thank you enough, nor explain the void that has been filled in my life by Riesey. LSBR is AWESOME!!!!!!! So many thanks, Lisa Potthoff, Marta & Riesey!!!!!!


Dear Ann - I just wanted you to know that I love my new home here in Clear Lake and to thank you for taking such good care of me when I was rescued. I miss you all – and I miss Noah but Mommy is taking good care of me. On Friday, I had my check up with the doctor and he said I had gained 6 pounds since January and I looked really nice and lean. He updated my vaccinations and they did stick something up my butt (I didn’t like that very much) but at least I don’t have any worms. I get to sleep in a big bed at night – mommy says I have to learn to sleep North and south on the bed – not east and west but I am there all night long next to Mommy. Sometimes Mommy goes to the office – maybe for a few hours during the day and I am in my crate at that time with my toys. I have two boxes worth of toys that I dig into every day. I have been helping mommy garden in the yard – I pull the flowers up for her and give them to her and I dig new holes so she can plant new ones. I noticed though that she is not always smiling when I do that. I have been showing mommy all sorts of things that I can do – I can hop up on the counter in the breakfast area (the desk counter) – she explained to me very quickly that I’m not allowed to do that and I can open the door to her closet when she isn’t looking - then she mumbled something about $100 SAS sandals. This weekend mommy was yelling lot – I thought at me but then I realized she was yelling at the TV with some guys running up and down trying to put the ball in the basket. She was not happy when we went to bed – she was mumbling a lot about her bracket all screwed up. I told her we probably should have gone for a walk instead of watching a ball not going in a basket. Saturday morning, mommy took me to “The Pawsh Dog House” and left me there to get beautified. I got a big bath (with my special shampoo the doctor gave me), I got my teeth cleaned, my nails trimmed and filed, and I got a new scarf to wear for when I go walking with mommy which is one of my favorite things to do. And then mommy bought me 2 new toys and she has another Elk Antler on order for me. We do go for long walks – there is a park here with lots of kids and I get to watch them and I love to down the greenbelt trails – I meet lots of dogs that way. Mommy says I do very well on the leash. Mommy went away for 3 days and left me with the sitter. She has a really really really big back yard and I got to run a lot and she took me for walks 3 times a day. I loved that. They took good care of me and mommy came home and picked me up. She tells me that I will get to do that every once in a while which is fine with me because I know mommy will come back. My big brother Brian came home one weekend and he played with me all day – and then that night I got to sleep with him as a special treat. Last week he adopted a rescue up in Austin – he was going to get a boxer rescue but he heard about a shepherd mix that was going to be put down so he went and picked him up – so he will be coming home in a month or so and will stay here a couple of days and I can play with him. Plus one of mommy’s friends adopted a dog recently and we have a play date arranged for us to play. She is about my age. I hope you all are doing well. Mommy said you were going to visit sometime and I would love to see you. Love, Serena

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